new joint buttonDue to many reasons, if you are not happy with your current accountant, those reasons are genuine, don’t worry we will ready to accommodate you. Reasons for your decision may as follows;

  • Wrong tax calculation
  • Missing dues getting penalty
  • Expensive fee
  • More hidden charge
  • No tax plan
  • Bad communication
  • Misunderstanding

But our client never had these experience, so you can joint with us

What you need to move from your current account?

Option 1:

You need to send your current accountant address to MSR accountant then we will contact your current accountant and get all of your business information and the works.

And also you have to send a letter to your current accountant to move to MSR accountant

Option 2

If you already left from your accountant, and you got all of your business records, you can contact MSR and handover all records then w will proceed to act.

What is business records, you need to bring;

  • Company name & authentication code
  • Company UTR
  • copy of CT600 Submission
  • Personal UTR
  • VAT and Paye Registration details
  • Copy of SA100 submissions
  • Your business bank statement

If your accountant not started HMRC and companies house submissions, you need to bring all of your business bank statement.