How to fill in this form?

  1. Give at least three new names
  2. Select director and share holder [tick it]
  3. Fill in the director/share holders details [Block A]
  4. If you want add an additional officer select “yes” in Block B

in Block “D”

  1. Type of your business : Ex: if you are a nurse, put “health Care”
  2. What is your professional? : Ex: RGN or RCN
  3. Business Start date? : Select today date, Click the calendar and select it
  4. Company Registration address? select one of options
  5. You want to register? Call us we will explain to you or select later

What Happen after submit your form?


  • You need to call us 020 8514 2678 and pay the registration fee.
  • If you submit the form before 12:00 , we will register same day.

After Registration

  • After your registration done, we will email all registration documents.
  • Also send the documents to open your business bank account [ Barclay only]
  • On next day we will post your company registration documents.
  • If you have any queries regarding the document , you can call us.

What documents we send to you?

Registration documents

  • Company registration certificate [laminated]
  • E register book
  • Share certificates
  • Memorandum of Understanding

Additional documents

  • Welcome letter
  • Engagement letter
  • 64-8 Form
  • Standing order form
  • MSR promotion documents

Which documents you want send back to us?

  • 64-8 form
  • Standing order
  • Copy of engagement letter

What documents you need to open business bank account?

  1. Company registration certificate [Original]
  2. share certificates
  3. Valid passport
  4. Utility bill

If you need to open your business bank account, we will do it and you don’t need to produce above documents except your passport and utility bill.